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the zartini


In 2003, a little known libation turned the annual Z Factory Holiday party upside down. It was that fateful year the ‘Zartini’ made its debut. Long-heralded for its celebration-enhancing properties, the Zartini garnered worldwide acclaim in 2005, 2006 and yet again in 2007 courtesy of William Hageman’s feature articles in the Chicago Tribune. ‘The best new Christmas arrival since Baby Jesus’ were but a few of his choice words used to describe one particular Zartini incarnation.

While its recipe may change, the effects are always the same – bringing a little holiday cheer (or a lot, depending on your consumption) to Z Factory clients, friends, and family alike.

Below is a trip down the Zartini’s Loss of Memory Lane. Each year’s winner has been shown, along with a handy download for each of the recipes that competed that season. Enjoy heartily and responsibly.



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